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Vasarik is the only global artwork analysis centre to combine scientific precision and cutting-edge technology with expert art history knowledge and scholarship for the analysis, attribution, authentication and appreciation of artwork.


Core analytical services

Founded on our exceptional knowledge of technical imaging and materials analysis of fine art, we prepare comprehensive expert scientific reports on your paintings using the most advanced approaches.

Transaction Risk

When buying and selling art, reduce your risk by using our independent and objective assessment services to help you decide whether to buy – or not.

Artwork authenticity

Art due diligence today requires reliable assessments of authenticity. We are leading providers of investigations into whether an artwork is what it purports to be, looking deeper to find the truth.

Artwork authorship

Determining who created an artwork is essential to both cultural history and the art market. We specialise in studies that place paintings in their historical context to identify the artist and resolve uncertainty.

Contested Artworks

Our long experience acting as the expert witness in legal cases will elevate your position in any dispute over art authenticity, from arbitration and pre-trial advice through to taking the stand.


Having the right documentation on your artwork, whether you are preparing it for sale, approaching an authority, or seeking finance, is vital. We review what you have, organise it, and fill in any critical gaps while guiding you through the process.

Our aim is to enhance trust, and reduce fraud when buying and insuring artwork.

Extensive academic research on the art market has shown that few traded artworks receive examination capable of determining authenticity and authorship. We aim to correct that.

Our successes with previous clients

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Some key case studies

We've had numerous engagements with different client requirements. These are a few that made the news.

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Dating Mona Lisa (Part 2)

Dating Mona Lisa (Part 2)

The author explores the complexities of multiple versions of historical artwork and the importance of establishing their origins. They use techniques such as mapping out artwork inheritance trees and AI-based similarity tools to analyze related images. They also discuss the disputed status of ...

Dating Mona Lisa

Dating Mona Lisa

One of the central services that we provide clients with is help in dating (not in the Tinder sense of course!). This is objectively establishing the most likely timeframe within which an artwork was created. Our primary approach here is to look at the material elements of the artwork, using w...

So simple a child could have done it

So simple a child could have done it

Lucio Fontana’s slashed canvas art sparks debates about simplicity and significance. While some view it as deceptively simple, in reality, it embodies profound ideas and demands sophisticated analysis. Similarly, artists like Albers and Pollock put meticulous effort into their seemingly ...

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Flowers in a cut vase
Flowers in a Cut Glass Vase, William Perkins Babcock

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