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The Milkmaid, Vermeer, c.1660
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Our Story

Around 20-50% of fine artworks circulating in the art market worldwide are forgeries, misattributions, or authorship unknown. The sector is notorious for asymmetrical, opaque and distorted information, forcing people to trade in uncertainty, sometimes with disastrous consequences - litigation, loss of wealth, stress and anxiety, risking buying fakes.

Purveyors of information include art history connoisseurs and materials art scientists - micro-business owners distributed globally, yet operating locally in isolated silos, their knowledge unshared.

For the past 25 years Dr Nicholas Eastaugh has been providing services to the art market, and recognised the opportunity to share his knowledge, and know-how with a wider audience through a different means. Thus, Vasarik was born to democratise access to accurate and timely information regarding artworks.

The Vasarik Team

We are fully remote, which means we can come to you.

Team 01
The Fortress of Königstein, Bernardo Bellotto, 1756-1758
Team 02
View of the city of London, Thomas Bowles
Team 03
View of Houses in Delft, Known as ‘The Little Street’, J. Vermeer, c.1658


Our primary base is in London, one of the largest global centres of the art market, and we operate worldwide.

Our Leadership Team

Member 01

Dr Nicholas Eastaugh

Nicholas is a leading scientific art expert, recognised as a global authority for art forensic scientific analysis, he has appeared regularly on programmes such as the BBC's Britain's Lost Masterpieces as an expert art scientific advisor.
Member 02

Dr Ian Morgan

Ian is a highly experienced data scientist with a special interest in the application of Artificial Intelligence and Bayesian networks to art. He is leading the development of our technology solutions.
Member 03

Thereza Wells

Thereza is a respected and experienced art historian and curatorial expert, part of the team that created the ground-breaking Universal Leonardo Project, which was seed funded by Bill Gates.
Member 04

Dr Jules Gregory

Jules is a branding agency founder and in-demand entrepreneurship educator. She has been helping entrepreneurs scale through business and marketing strategies for 30 years.
Member 05

Bill Morrow

Bill founded Angels Den, Europe and Asia’s largest angel investment platform, and has been named the most influential person in alternative finance by City AM.

What our clients are saying about us

Testimonial 01

Dr Eastaugh has become the person I call first for incisive, authoritative and balanced technical analysis. He not only has excellent scientific knowledge, but a deep understanding of art history too, and will always keep looking for answers. He has an impressive ability to communicate his findings to both lay and expert audiences, and knows that resolving questions of authenticity and authorship doesn’t just lie in the data, but in the way you use it to build a wider argument too.

Testimonial 01

I’ve known Nicholas for a long time, so it was exciting to hear about Vasarik and the new team. I enjoyed working with Nicholas some years ago at Art Analysis, when I was fascinated by the projects he was working on and the groundbreaking approaches he was developing. I’m thrilled that he is now setting up a new business that not only helps individual clients but will also share his knowledge and skills far more widely through the latest technology.

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